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Game made for #pizzajam 3

Equip composed by: NicolasFalk, Gabriel Scarabelot, Victor Gheno, Marcus Kammers, Leo Garcez

Pyjamarama is a Hack'n'Slash game based on the title of the game Pyjamarama, as the theme suggested us to pick among names on the list.

In Pyjamarama you are an samurai in pyjamas that fight against teddy bears, while you go trough waves you unlock active skills and damage buffs that will help you to handle the hordes of bears. The game passes in a japanese monastery village, where you can run around freely, well...kinda

Everything was made during the time of the jam, but animations, that were pre-made by Mixamo

Soundtracks Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Jrxp0myE_4&list=PL-4RKruw4_o91if0avJFmX1aHVVDgd7Cw&index=


Pyjamarama.rar 122 MB

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